Generate an Article from a Gluetrail Recording

A step by step tutorial to create an article from your recording

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This tutorial is for users who want to create articles from their raw recordings using the Gluetrail Chrome extension. It is ideal for content creators, bloggers, marketers, and anyone looking to convert their recordings into structured articles.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to generate an article from your raw recording using the Gluetrail Chrome extension. The process involves selecting a template, editing content blocks, saving updates, and finalizing your screenshots. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to create a detailed step-by-step article with screenshots, ready for publication.

Generate Article

Click on the 'Generate Article' button to start creating an article from your raw recording. This will prompt you to select a template for your article, which will pre-populate content blocks based on your recording.
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Select Step-by-Step Template

Click on the 'Step by step tutorial' button to select a template that will pre-populate content blocks based on your recording. This template is ideal for creating detailed how-to articles with screenshots.
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Change Template or Language

Even after you selected a template you can still change it afterwards. Use the drop down and click on Regenerate to change template. Your default article language is the article you used in your recording audio (or web page if no audio is recorded). You can change this language using the language drop down and clicking on Regenerate.
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Review your Article

Our templates are a set of content block that are automatically pre-populated using AI and your recording. Feel free to edit the text as you see fit, or click on regenerate if you either select another template, another language or want another version of the article.
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Edit Steps

You can edit steps by changing their title, description, edit the associated screenshot. Or simply hide the step using the top right x cross.
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Edit your Screenshot

Use the blue edit panel to make edits to your screenshots.
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Save Text Changes

Click on the 'Save updates' button to save all the text changes you have made to your article. This ensures that your edits are not lost before you proceed to the next steps.
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Save Screenshots

Click on the 'Save screenshots' button to ensure all your screenshot edits are saved. This will finalize your visual content before moving on to the next steps.
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What's next?

After completing this tutorial, you should proceed to the 'Create Video' section to generate a video from your article. This will allow you to create a visual representation of your content, enhancing its reach and engagement.

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Anne-Charlotte Chauvet

Gluetrail co-founder