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Who is this for: Sales professionals and marketers looking to efficiently prospect companies and contacts using Lucia's bulk company search feature.
This tutorial guides users through the process of using Lucia's bulk company search feature for prospecting. From the Lucia dashboard, users will navigate to the prospecting section, perform a company search, and utilize the bulk search feature to find multiple companies by entering company names, URLs, or uploading a CSV file. The tutorial demonstrates searching for specific companies, viewing results, and selecting companies or contacts for further prospecting efforts.

Access the Prospecting Section

From your Lusha dashboard, click on the 'Prospecting' menu from the left side panel to access tools and features for finding and engaging potential customers. This section includes options for prospect searches, recent activity, and recommended companies.
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Make sure you initiative your search using the Companies panel, as opposed to the Contacts panel.
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Filter Companies

Click on the 'Company name' button to view and filter companies based on name or website.
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Bulk Search Companies

Click on the 'Bulk search companies' button to perform a bulk search for companies based on name or website. This will help you quickly gather a list of potential companies to target.
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Input or Upload Company Names

Click on the 'Enter company names' field to manually input or copy & paste the names or URLs of the companies you want to search for. Alternatively, you can upload a CSV file containing the company names or URLs.
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View Search Results

Click on the 'View results' button to see the list of companies that match your search criteria. This will display the results based on the company names or URLs you entered or uploaded.
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Review Results

Review the list of companies generated from your search. And you're done!
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What's next?

After completing this tutorial, users should start importing the selected companies and contacts into their prospecting lists. They can then begin reaching out to these prospects using personalized communication strategies. Additionally, users may explore other features of Lucia to enhance their prospecting efforts.

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Anne-Charlotte Chauvet

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