Why you should invest in self service support

3 compelling reasons why you should consider jumping on this trend!

Why you should invest in self service support
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In the customer support and success space, one major trend companies are looking at is the shift towards self service support.
Self-service support is the use of FAQs, help center, chatbots and other tactics to allow their customers to find answers to their questions autonomously, without having to ask a support representative.
Below are 3 compelling reasons why you should consider it!

1) Customers expect and prefer self service support

This customer preference is driven by the convenience, speed, autonomy and control self-service provides.
For instance, instead of waiting on hold to speak with a support agent, or waiting on an email reply, customers can quickly find answers through help centers or AI-powered chatbots.
This not only enhances their experience but also fosters a sense of independence and satisfaction.

2) 24/7 availability

Your customers may be located in various timezones. Either because you’re selling internationally or simply because your users are working remotely. Providing support 24/7 then becomes a necessity.
Self service support tools provide round-the-clock availability, ensuring that help is always at hand, regardless of the time of day.
Imagine a customer facing an issue late at night. Instead of waiting until business hours for a solution, they can access your self-service portal and find the information they need immediately. This constant availability can significantly enhance customer loyalty and trust.
Customers who attempt to self serve, fail, and are forced to pick up the phone are 10% more likely to be disloyal than those customers who were able to fully resolve their issues in their channel of choice. (HBR)

3) It’s cost effective

Traditional customer support channels, such as call centers and email support, require significant human resources and infrastructure. On the other hand, self service support platforms can handle a large volume of inquiries with minimal human intervention.
81% of all customers attempt to take care of matters themselves before reaching out to a live representative. (HBR)
Capitalise on customer behavior and provide them with information first hand, so they don’t have to contact you directly.
Moreover, by reducing the workload on support agents, you can allocate resources to more complex issues that require personalized attention, and as a result improve overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

A strategic move for 2024?

Making enhancements and initiatives to bring your support and customer success self serve is not only a trend but an expectation to drive your customer satisfaction up.
You can highly benefit from it by reducing human touch, related costs, and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.
And getting started is easier than you think :) We’ll share a few tactics in a subsequent article!

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Anne-Charlotte Chauvet

Gluetrail co-founder