How Stoïk increased sales process adoption and developed its sales culture with Gluetrail

Stoïk chose Gluetrail to build Slack apps that increase sales performance and sales culture

How Stoïk increased sales process adoption and developed its sales culture with Gluetrail
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About Stoïk

  • Stoïk provides insurance, protection, and cybersecurity solutions that help to secure businesses from cyber risk.
  • Industry: Insurance
  • Company size: 50-200 employees
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Use Case: Team Productivity, Sales/CRM, Slack, HubSpot

Limited adoption of a complex and rich sales tool stack…

With rapid growth and changes, sales adoption of the multitude of tools and dashboards used in the company was limited.
Slack was truly the main tool that the sales team adopted given its ease of use from desktop and mobile.
“We use more and more tools, and we change everything very, very quickly, so it's complicated for our employees to keep up. Over time, it has become quite clear that there was a specific and natural adoption of Slack.” Louis Caulet, Head of RevOps and Direct Sales at Stoik

… which lessened the impact of key initiatives to drive pipeline and revenue generation…

The RevOps team was developing critical automation and process enhancements to drive sales performance, such as data collection procedures to increase pipeline creation.
“Our deal qualification isn’t just about filling in data to help you close better or faster, though there is a bit of that. More importantly, it's about filling in all the information about the customer’s current contract, which will mean that if we don't close the deal this year, we may close it next year or the year after. It has a direct impact on future pipeline generation.” Louis Caulet.
But the impact of their initiatives was limited by this lack of tool adoption.

… and hindered the development of a strong and competitive sales culture.

Beyond sales process performance, Louis also wanted to create a competitive environment, standardize high performers recognition and align leadership and teams on how the business was measured and looked at. But their existing tool stack was not meeting his needs as it wasn’t engaging, proactive and adopted enough.
“We created the most beautiful dashboards but teams don't look at them - maybe they're on the road, don’t know which one to use between HubSpot and Metabase, or they don't have time." Louis Caulet.

From multiple disjointed tools to a Slack-centered experience, to foster process adoption and drive sales culture

Due to Slack's natural widespread adoption within the team, Stoik’s RevOps team’s primary goal was to integrate internal processes with Slack effectively.
They couldn’t simply do it quickly and autonomously:
  • Standard 3rd party system integrations to Slack are typically one way integrations (3rd party -> Slack and NOT 3rd party -> Slack -> 3rd party)
  • Non-standard integrations have to be developed by Stoik’s engineering team. However, an internal tool request for a Slack integration would typically be lower priority vs. product development requests.
Louis looked for a solution that would enable his team to be more autonomous with Slack app development. During 6 to 8 months, he reviewed many options including:
  • Troops: decommissioned by Salesforce
  • Rattle: does not have a HubSpot integration
  • Make: not totally no code for his use case. Designing a Slack notification with a button in Make is complex and requires browsing the Slack API documentation.
He found Gluetrail as a new solution that was recently launched and available on the HubSpot marketplace.

Choosing Gluetrail to build Slack apps autonomously

After careful evaluation, he chose Gluetrail given its:
  • Flexibility: the Gluetrail’s team developed features specifically for Stoik’s needs and provided enhanced support since the start of the partnership
  • Ease of use: Gluetrail is completely no-code, has a simple workflow builder UI and a visual Slack UI builder where you can design your Slack notifications very easily
  • Speed of implementation: Louis was able to build and change his apps within minutes
With Gluetrail’s Slack and HubSpot integrations, Louis and his team built Slack apps that:
  • Send daily operating metrics, weekly variations and performance against targets, from HubSpot data to leadership, in order to boost visibility and create accountability
  • Send weekly leaderboards pulling HubSpot data to his sales team, in order to develop a competitive sales culture
  • Write back to HubSpot in order to fill out discovery call notes, update a forecast or follow up with leads, in order to boost sales process adoption in CRM
"It's very easy, I am completely autonomous. For example, Jules, our CEO, sometimes asks me for changes to our operating metrics notifications - such as adding a comparison of the metrics between our French and German markets. I can take care of that on the same day as I know it won't take much time to do." Louis Caulet.
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Key benefits for Leadership, Sales and the RevOps team

Saved time Gluetrail helped Louis and his team save significant time and effort. For example, prior to Gluetrail, they spent a lot of time manually building leaderboards and compiling operating metrics updates.
Increased motivation and visibility The Slack notifications provided a new platform for recognizing top performers and sales performance, thereby fostering a competitive yet positive work environment. This led to increased motivation and satisfaction among employees.
Improved data quality to support pipeline generation The streamlined data entry process from Slack ensured higher data accuracy and ease of access.
The applications built on Gluetrail were well-received internally, with positive feedback from leadership, employees and the RevOps team.

Gluetrail effectively addressed Stoik's challenges by allowing the RevOps team to autonomously build the app they needed, without having to ask for technical support from their engineering team.

Stoik plans to continue leveraging Gluetrail to further enhance their operational efficiency and explore new use cases that could benefit the organization, such as sending Slack notifications from their own platform/product with call to actions to send emails, call or update CRM, as well as leveraging Gluetrail’s OpenAI and Google suite integration.

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