Top 5 meeting scheduling platform providers

List of top free meeting schedulers! all of them can be embedded in Gluetrail forms

Top 5 meeting scheduling platform providers
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Leveraging calendar applications for booking appointments with your prospects, customers and partners is a great way to streamline your meeting booking process. It helps avoid emails back and forth and drop offs in the process.
Here are the top 5 calendar schedulers providers, which all have embeddable widgets you can use in your GLuetrail forms!

1. Google Calendar

Key differentiators are:
  • Deep integration with Google’s ecosystem, making it ideal for users already using Google services.
  • Free for personal use and part of the Google workspace subscription for businesses/professional use

2. Calendly

  • Integrations with Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud and more for real-time availability
  • Team scheduling options for group events and meetings.
  • Offers powerful integration options for businesses, including CRM and video conferencing tools.


  • Open-source scheduling platform - allows for extensive customization and integration capabilities
  • Strong focus on privacy and customization, appealing to developers and businesses with specific needs.

4. HubSpot calendars

  • Integrated within the HubSpot’s CRM platform - part of the subscription, even on the free plan! It’s a great option if your already use HubSpot or plan on using a CRM.
  • Schedule sales appointments, service calls, and meetings directly within CRM records.

5. Doodle

  • effective for large groups - whether for a one-on-one meeting, a group event, or a large-scale survey to gauge availability, Doodle can handle various types of meetings efficiently.

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