Create personalised sales outbound videos at scale - Step 1/3: Recording your video

How to record your screen/camera/audio to create outbound sales videos

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Who is this for? Sales professionals and marketers looking to create personalized landing pages and videos at scale for their prospects.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to record personalized, self-outbound videos using Gluetrail's Chrome extension. The process involves three main steps: downloading the Chrome extension, creating an account, and recording your video. The tutorial covers how to use the control panel to toggle your camera and microphone, select the folder for saving your recording, and choose the Chrome tab or window to share. Additionally, it provides tips for making effective sales outbound videos, such as keeping the recording short, scripting ahead of time, and including a call to action.


A simple 3 step process

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Download the Gluetrail Chrome Extension and Create Your Account

Click on the 'Download Chrome Extension' button to download the Gluetrail Chrome extension. This is the first step to start recording your personalized videos.
We recommend pinning your extension for easy access.
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Download the Gluetrail Chrome Extension

When opening the extension you’ll see a panel on the top right corner with recording settings for Camera, Microphone and the folder in Gluetrail in which you wish to save your recording.
We recommend you leave your camera and microphone ON.
Click Record to get started.
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Select Which Tab/Window To Record

Select the specific tab or window you wish to share during your recording. Then click Share.
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Wait until the 3-2-1 Count Down Says Go

And start recording
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During Your Recording You Should Use the Left Control Panel

The top button allows you to pause the recording, the middle one to finish your recording, the X to cancel the recording.
Once you’re done recording, click the red finish button and wait. Gluetrail will redirect you to your recording within the app.
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A few tips to get started with your first recording for outbound purposes

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Our Templates

You may want to use our framework to create a simple video script, available here.

What's next?

After completing this tutorial, proceed to the next tutorial to learn how to edit your landing page and recording for personalization.

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Anne-Charlotte Chauvet

Gluetrail co-founder