Create personalised sales outbound videos at scale - Step 2/3: Create and edit your landing page and video, with merge tags

Creating and editing your landing page and recording for personalization

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Create personalised sales outbound videos at scale - Step 2: Create and edit your landing page and video, with merge tags

Who is this for? Sales professionals, marketers, and business development representatives looking to create personalized outbound videos at scale.
This tutorial guides you through the process of creating personalized sales outbound videos using Gluetrail. It focuses on step two of the process: creating a landing page and editing it for personalization. You'll learn how to select a landing page template, add logos, use merge tags for personalization, and edit the video to include dynamic backgrounds. By the end of this tutorial, you'll be able to create a fully personalized landing page and video for your sales outreach.

Select Landing Page Template

Click on the 'Marketing Video One Pager' button to select a landing page template for your recording. This template is recommended for sales outbound demos.
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Adding Logos and Personalization

Paste the URL of your logo into the 'First Logo' input field to add your company logo to the landing page.
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Add Your Prospect Logo Dynamically

Use a merge tag here like {logo} so you'll be able to automatically populate your prospect logo here.
A merge tag is a variable text in your landing page that you’ll be able to dynamically populate using your prospect’s data. It can be anything you want like a data point from your prospect’s profile (name, company, logo, …), a custom ice breaker, a link… The format of a merge tag should always be {nameofthetag} with nameofthetag being a name of your choice.
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Edit the Title

Click on the text area labeled 'Title' and edit the text to personalize it for your prospect. For example, you can write 'Expand Your Candidate Search Internationally at {Company}' using a company merge tag.
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Edit Short Intro

Click on the text area labeled 'Short intro' and edit the text to personalize it for your prospect. For example, you can write 'Hi, {First Name}. I prepared this quick video to introduce you to Deel and how we can help expand your candidate searches internationally and manage remote teams efficiently at {Company}.' Don’t hesitate to be more creative!
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Adding Call to Action

In the 'CTA Link' input field, type your CTA like like your calendar link, a ressource link or your website link.
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Set CTA Button Text

In the 'Button Text' input field, type your CTA name that will be displayed on your call-to-action button.
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Advanced Video Editing

Edit Your Recording: Add Your Camera In One Corner

Click on a blue circle to add your camera in one of the corners of the video.
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Edit Your Recording: Add A Coloured Background

Select a coloured background to make your video look nicer and more professional.
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Edit Your Recording: Add A Dynamic Background During Your Introduction

Play your video to identify at which second your introduction ends. You can add a dynamic background from the start of the video until that specific second by using the dynamic background icon.
Insert the second number when your introduction end.
Select a dynamic background of your choice, like a website screenshot or scroll. You can insert a merge tag there to ensure that the introduction background will be dynamically generated using your prospect’s data (like their website link, news article url, job post etc.)
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You can access enhanced video editing capabilities, like personalizing the video audio with an AI voice clone, cutting the video, changing its speed etc. using your video studio. We’ll cover this in a subsequent tutorial.
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Save updates

Click on the 'Save updates' button to save all the changes you have made to your landing page, including text edits, logos, and call-to-action elements.
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What's next?

After completing this tutorial, you should proceed to the next step of the process, which involves automatically generating landing pages from a contact list. Additionally, you may want to explore more advanced video personalization techniques and integrate the personalized videos into your sales outreach campaigns.

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